Electronics Solution Division

About Electronics Solution Division

We produce the photo mask for semiconductor and electronic parts.
We expand the etching precision metal process business based on the photofabrication technology. We have the full production line from mask to post processing. We have the full production line from the mask to postprocessing. And we also have established a strong position in the field of semiconductor photomasks.

We have a broad perspective to the forefront of the field, and positive activities under the slogan of challenging the unknown technology.
Now, we could supply the nanometer precision mask stably.

Our etching technology has been used for the popular products such as the EMI shielding mesh for PDP.
We promote business expansion by worldwide activity such as establishing an joint venture for etching in Taiwan , expanding the new products for the next generation, and more powerful business development for composite film material products and metallic etching business.

"The good footwork, high quality and short leadtime" is our motto.
From prototype to mass production, we provide high quality products stably at fair price for aiming the development of the industry.

The Duties of Electronics Solution Division

40 years of expertise in etching technology

40 years of expertise in etching technology

Based on our core metallic etching technology, we continue to challenge the wide range new etching technology from metallic material to composite film material.

Flexible production system

Flexible production system

Our production line is designed to satisfy the wide range of customers' needs and accommodate the changing market.

Worldwide service network

Worldwide service network

Based on our production sites in Japan and Taiwan, and our worldwide sales network, we will actively provide our proposal for metallic etching and composite products, local content, etc..

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Closed weekends and national holidays)

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